Some learned man left

Some learned man left
his hardback open
on a pair of pages
I'd read before
in the margin
perfect scrawl
an aphorism
I wish I'd seen
and committed
to memory
when I was fifteen
it could've led
some other spot
than in between dumpsters
hiding smoke
from school cops
with coke bottle glasses
but every vessel
I've ever hailed
only floated
until it sank
and so I'll close
that book for now
so not to lead
any fool boys astray
even if onto
a better way
let them have
their silly smoke
hidden motives
cruel-hearted jokes
bloody hands
and muddy souls
these damaged sons
brothers though

Move it in

Move it in
leave it there
and move it all back
how did it fit
where does it go
now the room is jacked
you can't return
to moldy homes
without a mask
so stay instead
at grandma's house
and help yourself unpack
the way you lived 
the way you'd like
and the coming task
three roommates
without a fourth
(can we keep the cat)
with western winds
and urban chimes
(can we make it last)
he's with her
and I'm with him
(ain't we quite a cast)
from house to home
to future place
I been afraid of that
but I've read
too many books
to stay just where I'm at
out the door
and down the road
a quest deserves a map

Turn the key

Turn the key,
and hold it there,
to see where and when
the band 
will kick in.

Good enough,
are we still near?

I would've waved
or nodded or something
if I wasn't so still
I could feel 
no emotion.

Her expression,
I couldn't catch,
a tracer's procession
of proceed-with-that
the shutter too slow,
the shudder too fast,
opposite directions
on a foreign street,

A cigarette,
then I shift gears,
with plans to return
another near evening.

Westward, then,
but the east is leading.