Got a broke bike petal

Got a broke bike petal
shattered lioness
dented hood
water-logged paperpack
pair of pipes
split in half
favorite pants
ripped apart
on a briar patch
I could've stepped left
but I left my backpack
with the pod
on the bus
like the ounce
out my pants
when I tried to sneak it in
to the festival, damn
one night I had
next night I moved
back in

Shake down

Shake down
everbody does
when you want what you want
is a body buzz
hold the line up
while you ponder
how you might get
what they're on to
a little longer
and you might just make your mind up
a big leap
with a back drop
where changing leaves
aren't hacked off
but you back off
with the hook in your mouth
still baited
another late kid
with a cover
slung upside
on your shoulder

I like to make

I like to make
believe I live
a mountainside
my balcony
is not my porch
a valley view
of cityscape
with trees that bend
on streets of shake
their fridges packed
with microbrews
the come and see
on corner posts
artful folk
special screenings
legal smoke
open mics
but will I go

Switch the blade

Switch the blade
that might slice through
the airtight duct
that tapes the truth
I've been told to
look one way
sleight of hand
man of faith
I can't replace
the god I've made
of selfish thoughts
and can it wait
oh Disney days
and stapled books
the dog is dead
the laptop shook
I've seen I've seen
I've seen the loop
of melted words
up on the roof
of houses housing
empty throats
that warm with each
and every coat
the savior smoked
the prophet puked
I broke my pencil
right in two

Lonely men

Lonely men,
men I've been around
their lopsided grins
and constant sighs
we got so high
when we were solo
we got higher
when we hitched up
when you can't say
what you've been through
that made you fucked up
when you were younger
in the hallway
with the hunger
of the watchful
with an earful
of propaganda
of the masses
in math class with
all the classless
like the bronze boys
and the pale girls
who compare notes
(study buddies)
at the movies
and the graveyard
that you go to
once a May, man

Drop kick cigarette bin

Drop kick cigarette bin
with the short fresh kicks of ad man
I wish I had them
I wish I had her
her scrunchie like an armband
all elbows
& knee caps
all scraped up
& reddened
I'm well read, man
no more watching
I've got options
plot engines
big plans for the big man
I been in, then
I been out there
I had baggies
and great big hair
I don't know when
all my put downs
made the straight girl
put her foot down
on the petals
of the garland
that our matron
had been weaving
every evening
for a month now